10 Best Found Footage Horror Movies of All Time

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Found footage films are probably the most realistic set of films, primarily because of their low budget optimization that lends them a real world look. Right from the underwhelming dialogues to the extremely close camera positioning, found footage presents a situation that you can very much relate to. A great found footage film takes a fantasized situation and makes it gripping and real, by focusing on the interaction between its characters and the environment. It’s also a cost-effective genre and is experimented upon by young filmmakers because of the wide variety of possibilities it provides, without the addition of elements like soundtrack, effective sound design or cinematography. Maybe this is also the reason why it is looked down upon more frequently than other genres.

The dependence of its impact on marketing strategies and choice of events, subsequently intriguing the average movie-goer even before they have seen the film, has been highly debated and many ardent critics have spoken about its varying impact on different watches. While it may have its fair share of flaws, like every other genre it’s a great experience when executed correctly with a slice of originality. I’ll now be looking at the top found footage horror movies ever. You can also watch some of these found footage movies on Netflix or Amazon Prime or Hulu.

10. The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014)

I believe ‘The Taking of Deborah Logan’ along with ‘Creep’ has given a new hope to the genre, and we can expect others to strike back after the menace caused by ‘Paranormal Activity’, ‘REC’ and ‘VHS’ franchises. It’s a fresh entry for possession horror after all the mediocrity James Wan has been selling the world. Though the movie banks on jump-scares like most mainstream modern horrors, it has an interesting story that takes visible influence from 80’s European supernatural horror. Jill Larson as the possessed Alzheimer’s patient gives one of the best female performances in horror from the past decade. The direction is the real deal, as newcomer Adam Robitel slowly sets up Deborah Logan’s descent into madness by involving the viewers into her life and then steadily pulling the rug from under her feet.


9. Creep (2014)

‘Creep’ is one of the recent found footage films that caught my attention because of its originality and oddball revision of the genre. We’ve had so many psychopaths in the horror genre who have an uncanny ability to be perfect when it comes to executing tasks or people; masterminds with corrupted hearts. Creep, on the other hand is not only realistic because of it’s handheld camerawork but mainly due to its characterization. Mark Duplass is what you’d get if Peter Seller played Norman Bates, cruel intentions with whimsical outcomes. Patrick Kack-Brice is your late 20’s jobless Janet Leigh who agrees to film Duplass’s character in a secluded cabin for the latter’s unborn son. Though it begins as those odd paired bromance films, it turns into a frightening tale of bestiality and stalking.

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