10 Real Life Marriage Rituals That Qualify To Be Added In Horror Films

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Marriages happen all over the world, and the couple follows the rituals and practices practiced in their religion. As there are different places, so there are different rituals which are followed across the world. Some rituals are so weird that you won’t believe they actually exist. Here is a compilation of such rituals.

1. The blackening of the bride.

In Scotland, blackening of the bride is a common tradition performed in preparation for the wedding. It is a very awkward tradition for the bride as well as for the groom. The “to be married” is captured, and then friends and family spray them all over with sticky materials, food items, and water. To add to their shame, they are then paraded in the streets usually in an open back car or van. This is an embarrassment for the victims, but a great enjoyment for everyone else.

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