11 Horror Manga that Desperately Need Anime Adaptations

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The international community loves horror anime, but the industry tends to shy away from the genre due to broadcast regulations. It’s a sad struggle, but luckily there is plenty of scary manga! Here is some horror manga we hope will get an anime some day.

1. Uzumaki

Mangaka: Junji Ito

Chapters: 19 (Finished)

Quick Pitch: Kurozuchou is cursed coastal town. According to Shuichi Saito, the town is haunted by the spiral. The hypnotic shape manifests in different ways and spreads unescapable madness.

Why it Needs an Adaptation: Uzumaki is widely considered as Junji Ito’s best and scariest story. The story of madness could be adapted into a great anime, but perhaps the pressure is too great.


2. I Am a Hero

Mangaka: Kengo Hanazawa

Chapters: 264 (Finished)

Quick pitch: 35-year-old Hideo Suzuki works as a manga assistant after his own series fails to meet sales goals. His mundane life is filled with frustration due to unfulfilled goals, failed relationships, and hallucinations. However, Hideo’s life changes after learning about a disease that turns people into homicidal maniacs.

Why it Needs an Adaptation: I Am a Hero is considered a modern masterpiece for examining how society would fall apart during a zombie apocalypse. Suzuki’s thrilling quest for survival has been adapted into a critically-acclaimed live-action movie, and there’s no reason an anime could be just as good.

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