11 Horror Manga that Desperately Need Anime Adaptations

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3. The Promised Neverland

Mangaka: Kaiu Shirai

Chapters: 85 (Ongoing)

Quick Pitch: Emma, Norman, and Ray are orphans that live at the Grace Field House with other foster siblings and are allowed to do pretty much anything. However, they are forbidden to leave the compound or go to the gate. The children think nothing of this simple rule until they discover the fate of one of their recently adopted sibling.

Why it Needs an Adaptation: The Promised Neverland is currently Shueisha’s critical darling and it ranks as a high as My Hero Academia and Black Clover among their readers. The thrilling series takes a mystery-horror approach that slowly unveils the sinister world that Emma must face. There is currently a rumor that The Promised Neverland will get an anime soon.


4. Dorohedoro

Mangaka: Q Hayashida

Chapters: 162 (Ongoing)

Quick Pitch: Due to a magic attack, Kaiman has a lizard-head and no memory. With the help of a friend, he embarks on a quest of biting the heads of magic-users to find the one responsible for his disturbing new life.

Why it Needs an Adaptation: Dorohedoro juggles gore, humor, and world-building that is unrivaled in the horror genre. The only trouble is that the manga might be too graphic to receive an anime.

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