11 Horror Shows From Our Childhood That Scared The Hell Out Of Us

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It’s quite amazing that Saturday Suspense was way out of the league of other horror shows. It was a one-hour-long show that was produced by several famous names such as Anurag Basu and Vivek Agnihotri. In addition to that, each episode had a different story and a different cast, going through a strange paranormal event.

8 Achanak 37 Saal Baad: 2002-

This was based out of a fictional town of Gahota. The story revolved around this town, which experienced paranormal activity every 37 years.

9 Kya Hadsaa Kya Haqeeqat: 2002- 2004

Kya Hadsa Kya Haqeeqat was quite realistic, so much so that it made you feel sad about the actors and what was happening to them. The story follows trials and tribulations of a gullible, young woman, Geetanjali Tikekar, the protagonist, who’s life is plaued with tragedies and mysteries.

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