12 Emmerdale spoilers for spring: Graham’s secret revealed, Robert and Aaron’s wedding and Charity’s huge shock

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Emmerdale has kicked off the year in style – and there’s no denying that it is a soap which knows how to engage its audience with a mixture of dramatic, fun and challenging plotlines. We have already had the death crash involving the Whites, the reunions of Robron and Coira and the heartbreaking acid attack suffered by Ross Barton. But as we move into spring, Emmerdale isn’t looking likely to slow down as ongoing plots take on new twists and brand new strands unfold. Metro.co.uk can now present you with an exciting and exclusive preview of what’s to come – and we certainly can’t wait for all of this to unfold.


Graham’s past exposed

He’s one of soap’s most intriguing characters of all time and we have loved the slow drip feed of traits and secrets starting to come through about him and his past. The intrigue is set to continue for some time but upcoming scenes will see some of the gaps filled in as viewers will learn a lot more about what makes Graham the man he is today. But what will it tell us about his relationship with Joe – and could there be trouble on the horizon as Graham battles with his conscience over Joe’s deplorable actions. Perhaps Graham could be the one to teach him a lesson he won’t forget in a hurry… Our insider teased: ‘There’s a lot about Graham that we don’t know but after seeing how he handled the acid attack it soon became clear that there are many layers to Graham and I think the audience won’t be disappointed when they find out his dark secret.

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