13 Creepy Books To Try If You’ve Never Read Horror Before

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Reading new genres is an excellent thing. I’ve gone on record before as an avid proponent of getting outside of your reading comfort zone. I truly believe that when readers put aside their preconceived notions about the *kind* of books they *should* be reading, they will have a much happier, less pretentious literary experience. However. The people who don’t read YA, or who don’t read sci-fi or romance or the classics are usually doing so out of judgment. The people who don’t read horror are doing it out of fear. I get it. You’re scared. But I’m here to say that if you’re even a teensy bit curious about dipping your toe into the big, scary world of literary horror, you should go for it. There’s a lot more to the genre than blood and guts and creepy dolls. Here are a few great horror books to get you started.

Some of these books are scary, yes. They run the gamut from mildly creepy to truly, horrifically nightmarish. But if you read them during the daylight, with a trusted friend and/or pet in the next room, you might just find that the horror genre has plenty to offer beyond jump scares and monsters hidden under your bed:

‘Ghost Summer: Stories’ by Tananarive Due

Gracetown, Florida, is haunted by ghosts of both the figurative and the literal kind. Between one stunning novella and fifteen short stories, Ghost Summer takes us on a journey through people touched by the strange and otherworldly. Tananarive Due’s horror is nuanced and wonderfully creepy; a great jumping off point if you don’t feel quite ready for a festival of gore and slasher fiction yet.

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