15 Highest Grossing Horror Movies of All Time

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There’s no denying the fact that action and sci-fi movies rule the roster when it comes to box-office collections. Their inundating popularity and appeal to the masses are unmatched. But, there’s one which has shown potential to match them: the horror genre. The evolution of this genre is realistically the changing of the society we live in. Getting scared, or seeing people get scared has become a cathartic part of our daily lives. We decided to remember some of these pieces of art and set your weekend right. Here is the list of 15 highest grossing horror movies ever. Happy reading!

1. The Sixth Sense (1999)

Collection: $672.8 million

‘The Sixth Sense’ was more than just a horror movie. It was a reinforcement of the thriller genre and the superseding jewel in M Night Shaymalan’s newly acquired crown of twists. Probably the greatest twist of cinematic history, the film told the story of a struggling kid, who is having nightmares which don’t let him sleep. A widower doctor comes to the rescue, as he gradually discovers a bigger and scarier cause of his sleepless nights. Deftly crafted and breathtakingly performed, the film is Shyamalan at his vintage best and Willis at his most vulnerable.

2. The Exorcist (1973)

Collection: $441.3 million

Two intersecting stories of troubled families, dealing with things beyond humanity, ‘The Exorcist’, in my impoverished opinion, is the greatest horror film ever made. As cinephiles, using superlatives is almost sacrilegious. But I bet when the Almighty sees this one, he’ll concur. A successful actress notices changes in her 12-year old daughter’s behavior, something which is reflected by a young priest’s sick mother. People vomited, ran out of the theater, and some even died while seeing the film. Need I say more?

3. It (2017)

Collection: $404.3 million

I still remember my reaction when It dismembered Georgie’s hand in the initial phase of the film. Horrified and shocked, the rest of the film was a terrifying experience. Perhaps that’s a heads up for the production team. A shape-shifting demon wakes up after its hibernating state, targeting people to feed himself. The disappearances involved Georgie, Bill’s younger brother, who devises theories as to his brother’s loss. Together with his friends, Bill becomes a victim of nightmarish hallucinations and vivid incidents, being terrified by It. They finally overcome their fears and track his ‘well’ to finish him once and for all. ‘It’ will leave you stunned and begging for more. A brilliant effort

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