15 Horror Stories From Interns Who Lived To Tell The Tale

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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their craziest stories from working as an intern. Here are some of the best submissions:

1. This…special guest:

“I was an intern for a TV talk show in college. I was sent out alone one day to pick up a guest for the show from the airport, and was told to keep him occupied for a few hours until it was time to shoot. Guy was super creepy and quiet. I took him to lunch and then we went bowling for a bit. We head back to the studio to prep him for taping and my producer runs up to me with this panicked look on her face and asks me how it went. I told her fine, why do you ask? Swear to God she goes, ‘Omg they didn’t tell you?? He is here today because he is accused of shooting his daughter and her boyfriend in the back of the head with a shotgun, and his family wants him to take a polygraph.’ They sent me, a 21-year-old kid, out with a potential murderer all day and didn’t tell me.


2. This intern who found a lil’ surprise in a package:

“I was interning on Capitol Hill for a chairman of a powerful committee. One day after 4th of July when the front office staff was out I got the mail delivery. One was a package without any return address information. Inside amidst a ton of bubble wrap was a bright red, very detailed, dildo. The accompanying note said pretty much what you’d expect…had to carefully dispose of the dildo so the cleaning staff didn’t find it while emptying the trash.”


3. And this cart of dildos:

“I headed to NYC for an unpaid internship in a small advertising firm. Turns out, most of their clients were porn companies. In lieu of (or in addition to) payments, some companies would send hardcore porn, sex toys, and sometimes even autographed dildos. When I arrived my first day the company had just relocated, and I was told to go down to the old office and cart back ‘supplies.’ You can probably guess that the supplies were actually just (clear!) bags filled with fake vaginas, sex dolls, and dildos. Since I was an unpaid intern, I couldn’t afford a cab and had to use a rolling cart to walk them up. I got turned around and ended up by the Macy’s store on 34th Street and that’s when my cart tipped and all of the ‘supplies’ came tumbling out. I was horrified, but to give NYC credit, no one even batted an eyebrow. I then proceeded to jump in a cab and when I got back to the office asked my boss if I could be reimbursed for the ride. He said sure and handed me a fake vagina. I’m a gay man, this payment was of no use to me. After a few more of these trips I finally quit the job. I did not keep the sex toy, though I was told it was very realistic.”


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