15 Psychological Horror Movies That’ll Really F**k With Your Minds

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There’s a special kind of pleasure in watching cinema that doesn’t just exhilarate in its own morbidity, but actively makes the viewer feel like he or she is losing their mind. Here are some gnarly, disturbing psychological horror movies.

1. Annihilation

Natalie Portman plays a ballsy biologist venturing into a mysterious shimmer that’s eating up the world in the most terrifying of ways. The shimmer doesn’t just have physical manifestations however, it can also do unsightly things to the mind.

2. Jacob’s Ladder

A Vietnam War veteran returns home, only for us to realise he’s already in the process of going insane. His hallucinations take terrifying forms, and the world around him falls apart. In the bible, Jacob’s Ladder is the connection between earth and heaven. Here, it could be the tether between our minds and reality

3. Bone Tomahawk

A slow burner of immoderate length, this film might feel like a drag to some. However, the character development of this Western is imperative to the psychological experience, and the sudden bursts of brutality certainly help.

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