15 Psychological Horror Movies That’ll Really F**k With Your Minds

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7. The Visit

A riveting psychological found-footage flick with just the right amount of danger, madness and grotesquerie. This film is about 2 kids who go to stay with their grandparents, who they’re meeting for the first time. Heads up, old people can be scary as fuck.

8. Identity

A whodunit with a real sadistic twist, this film is about ten strangers stranded in a motel during a heavy storm. They keep getting killed off one by one. There’s also a murder trial going on alongside.

9. 1408

A horror novelist with a knack for discrediting paranormal activity checks into the notorious room 1408 in the Dolphin Hotel. He soon realises that his skepticism was most definitely misplaced. Based on the short story by Stephen King.

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