23 Bridesmaids Reveal the Nightmare “Bridezilla” Weddings They Took Part In

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Getting married is stressful, and I get that if you’re throwing a party that’s supposed to mark what is supposed to be the most important day of your life, you’re going to want things to go off without a hitch.

You want it to be magical, you want it to be epic, you want people to have a good time and you want it to feel like a fairy tale. Which means you need to be cutthroat, and sometimes, you need to be mean.

But there’s a difference between being tough and being a bridezilla. And the stories from the bridesmaids in this AskReddit thread pretty much prove that point.

1. The dye job.

Bride was blonde. All bridesmaids except for me were brunette. She asked me to dye my hair brown for the wedding because she, “wanted to be the only blonde.” I suggested that instead I just give up my bridesmaid spot. Thankful to this day since I heard the dresses and bachelorette party cost all the other girls more money than I make in a month.

– kmmurky

2. Sorry for your scary pregnancy, but…

I was almost in a bridezilla wedding… I had an ectopic pregnancy (baby attached to my tube, which then burst, and I almost bleed to death).. She got engaged shortly following my ectopic. When she asked me to be her bridesmaid, she told me that I would be required to wait to try to have another baby until after her wedding in 1.5 years. Not because there would be a small child at the wedding, not even because she didn’t want me fat at her wedding… But because if I lost another child, it would take away from her engagement and wedding. I was so shocked I just declined and have never spoken to her since.

– MommaBearJam

3. How dare your father die.

My dad had the audacity to die six weeks before the wedding, and she couldn’t understand why that superseded her wedding details for me. I met my husband at her wedding, haven’t spoken to her since.

– J-squire

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