25 Crazy Details Behind The Making Of American Horror Story

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When the first season of American Horror Story premiered in 2011, horror buffs were terrified and immediately hooked. The anthology television series has been going strong ever since, with its season 8 premiere right around the corner. As an anthology show, each season is different from the previous one. From the haunted house of season 1 to last season’s cult, the show seems to tap into the very things that make horror movies and TV shows so much fun to watch. Most of all, though, the series is downright scary.

What’s most interesting about the anthology, though, is that the seasons do sort of tie in together, with each having Easter eggs and even references to the series before it. Season 8 will combine two specific stories, bringing back the cast of season 1 to meet with the cast of American Horror Story: Coven.

Although what happens onscreen in American Horror Story is surprising and often disturbing, what happens behind the scenes with the making of the series is equally as exciting. Putting together a show like AHS is no simple matter, especially when working with such a large cast of actors, various locations and a lot of special effects. But somehow, the cast and crew pull it off each season. And each season keeps fans on the edges of their seats with all their lights turned on, praying that the boogie man doesn’t get them.

Here are 25 Crazy Details Behind The Making Of American Horror Story.


Many of the stories in American Horror Story take inspiration from real life. Remember season 1 and the mention of Elizabeth Short, the Black Dahlia? That’s all true. Or what about the alien abduction story from season 2? That was entirely based on the real-life account of a couple who claimed they were victims of an alien abduction. Roanoke found inspiration from the very real mysterious lost colony of Roanoke. Delphine LaLaurie from Coven was based on a real woman of the same name, as was the Axeman of New Orleans.

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