26 Sexual Horror Tales That Are Gross And Will Make You Laugh

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Sex is one unique experience that anyone can ever have because it is a very valuable emotion. Once upon a time, sex was largely a taboo subject, which was discussed only behind closed doors, but today, sex is everywhere: billboards, magazines, TV and radio ads, social media sites and it is used to sell everything from car insurance to green tea. But there are times sex takes an ugly turn after people come out on social media, to tell their sexual horror tales. These people make you laugh with their gross experiences they had while in the act, which never turned out to be a happy ending for them.

Sex is the only occupation where people devote 100% energy and dedication, striving for pleasure, incessant desire to experience a sensual delight. But when it is intervened with something gross then pleasure transforms to horror. So be brave enough and share your horror tales and come out with that hidden gross feeling. Till such time entertain yourself with these sexual horror tales and have a good laugh.


1. What’s the difference between ‘Oh Yeah’ and ‘Oh No’? It’s just 2.5 inches.

2. This girl turned stretchable whenever she was sexual because she was a gymnast.

3. This girl has everything in detail on all her sexual defeats.

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