35 “American Horror Story” Facts That’ll Make You Say “OMG, What?!”

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1) Ryan Murphy’s concept for American Horror Story came from wanting to write darker, more horrifying content after working on Glee. “I was like, ‘I can’t write any more nice speeches for these Glee kids’,” he said.

2) Unlike most TV shows, American Horror Story is still shot on film — a tradition that was started by Chris Baffa during Murder House.

3) Sarah Paulson and Ryan Murphy first met in 2004 when they both wrapped shows on The WB.

4) Before casting Paulson in AHS, Murphy originally wanted her to play Emma Pillsbury on Glee.

5) Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson previously worked together on Broadway in The Glass Menagerie.

6) Lange helped get Paulson cast in Murder House. At a benefit, she reportedly turned to Murphy and said, “Can’t you find something for Paulson [in Murder House]?”

7) Evan Peters was originally interested in acting because he wanted to meet the Olsen Twins.

8) Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka turned down being the couple that once owned the house in Murder House.

9) Peters had to be lubricated head-to-toe in order to get into the Rubber Man suit. The costume was so tight that he tore a lot of suits while doing stunts.

10) The crew hand-built the entire interior set for Asylum — over 50-60 carpenters helped assemble it.

11) After filming intense scenes for Asylum, Lily Rabe and Zachary Quinto would play the guitar and banjo for the cast.

12) In fact, Jessica Lange suggested doing “The Name Game” musical number because she wanted to do something light after filming such a dark season.

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