35 “American Horror Story” Facts That’ll Make You Say “OMG, What?!”

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23) Lady Gaga actually contacted Murphy first saying that she was interested in a role on AHS.

24) Peters was originally supposed to star as Tristan in Hotel — a role that ultimately went to Finn Wittrock.

25) He said that the scenes he found the hardest to film were when Mr. March has sex while killing a girl. He said, “I blocked them out. I’m like, ‘I can’t even think about it.’”

26) There was an entire room dedicated to Lady Gaga’s costumes for Hotel.

27) Lady Gaga worked closely with costume designer Lou Eyrich to help create The Countess’s costumes.

28) Designers that previously worked with Lady Gaga sent pieces from their archives and upcoming fashion shows — original Versace pieces were loaned to the show from Gaga’s personal collection as well.

29) The cellphone footage used in Roanoke was actually filmed by the actors on their cellphones.

30) Despite having appeared in Murder House, Adina Porter had to re-audition for her part in Roanoke.

31) Murphy incorporated Sarah Paulson’s real-life phobias into Cult: clowns, heights, bees, and trypophobia.

32) Peters didn’t know he’d be playing more than one role in Cult until they began filming.

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