5 Great Horror Movies That Are Actually Ripoffs Of Other Films

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The horror genre has existed in cinema for decades now, with a multitude of monsters, killers and spooks to show for it. But with each successful film or antagonist comes a ripoff or two. It’s to be expected, after all, and sometimes, these ripoffs work out like catching lightning in a bottle. In no time at all, studios have got another success on the way and the cycle continues.

As such, we’ve decided to take a look back at some of the best horror ripoffs to ever grace the silver screen. Some of these titles were even so influential and successful in their own right, that you may not realize they were ripping anything off to begin with.

You can, as always, chime in via the comments section below if you’ve got any picks of your own, but without further ado, here are our 10 favorite horror movies that are actually just ripoffs of other films.



1) Orca

When Steven Spielberg directed Jaws, an adaptation of Peter Benchley’s novel of the same name, audiences went into a frenzy. The ocean was no longer a place for fun but crowds of people were suddenly horrified of the dark watery depths which surrounded them.

As a result, many studios tried to buy into this newfound fear of the ocean. Plenty of the films produced happened to follow sharks similarly to Jaws, but one chose to focus on another aquatic predator. The Orca, to be exact.

The opening scene sets the entire tone for the film. We start off with the beginning moments of a shark attack, with a vicious Great White going after a couple of panicky swimmers. It seems to be another rehash of Jawsuntil something stops the shark – an Orca, otherwise known as a killer whale. It manages to kill the shark, as if saying, “Hey, Jaws, watch out! This movie is bigger and better!”

Of course this film is nowhere near as good as Jaws, but I’d definitely bet on it over any of the actual Jawssequels. It has a few interesting characters that keep you captivated and a score from legendary composer Ennio Morricone that is unbelievably beautiful.

If not for the awesome action of a killer whale causing massive explosions and outsmarting its captors, the film is worth a watch for some gorgeous examples of cinematography and music.

The ending credits are especially great, as we watch a pack of killer whales swimming through the ice caps of the arctic. The sunlight beams down below the ice, creating an angelic glow beneath the water as Morricone’s soothing music continues to play over the credits.

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