7 Horror-Comedy Bollywood Films That Struck The Right Chord With The Audience

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Bollywood is slowly but gradually seeing a change in the way Indian cinema is being made. From frivolous Ram Gopal Varma horror films, the industry is moving over into serious film-making. And that does not only include drama, action or rom-comedy.

Bollywood is now growing in other spheres of cinema as well. And we’re more than delighted to announce that some makers have taken the charge of getting into the horror zone. Because some people like us love horror and can’t be constantly dependent on movies in the West which do terrific business in India.

So here’s taking a look at 7 Bollywood movies which got horror-comedy just about right. After all, who doesn’t like a few laughs after a few scares.

1. Stree


This one took us by complete surprise. Starring Shraddha Kapoor, Rajkummar Rao and Pankaj Tripathi in lead roles, the movie is scary on a lot of levels. Based on a ridiculous phenomenon, where a woman was killed for falling in love with a man of another religion many years ago,¬†Stree¬†shows how the ghost comes to haunt them at night and takes the men of the village unless they write, ‘Stree, kal mat aana’.

The movie was mostly promoted through word of mouth and has made Rs 100 crore.

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