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If you’ve ever lived in a hostel, you have definitely heard of that one haunted room on the campus. Your skeptical self might have laughed at it but then there are those who claim to have been touched with the paranormal and their experiences will scare the shit out you.


Back when I was studying in Banting, there was a bathroom on the third floor which we think is haunted because, on some nights, the water would be boiling hot. It should be impossible because there are no heaters in our showers, so the water is supposed to be cold or at least room temperature. So whenever the water turns hot, girls would run out in their towels, screaming. We heard that apparently before they built the college, it was a factory that dealt with manufacturing chemicals. There were rumours that many employees died because of some chemicals, including getting burned.


My friends and I went on a trip to the coast, for four nights. The 11 of us shared a room in a hostel of sorts. My bed (a bunk bed) was pushed up right against the wall, so there was no way anything could get down there as I couldn’t even fit my hand through the gap. Keep that in mind. On the first day, I awoke in the middle of the night… I turned to the wall and saw a woman hanging down my bed, in a white nightdress with long dark hair, covered in blood. I screamed and grabbed a torch to look closer, but nothing was there. My friends all woke up and asked who screamed, but I was too scared to reply. I thought maybe my friends were pranking me, but how could anything fit down the side of my bed?

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