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One night, sometime after midnight, my friend felt something hitting the back of his neck when he was studying at his desk. So he turned to look over his shoulder but saw nothing. He went back to his book but felt the hitting again. This continued to happen every night at the same time at the same place. It affected his sleep.  One day, he bumped into an old janitor who’d been working at the university for years. Seeing him so tired, the janitor jokingly asked, “Didn’t sleep last night?” So the student told the old man about the hitting he felt in his room. The old janitor told the student to move out of that room immediately, refusing to explain when the student asked him why. Apparently, years ago, a girl hanged herself in that room sometime after midnight. The hitting that the student felt was quite possibly the girl’s feet hitting the back of his neck because her body swung slightly when she committed suicide.


My school gives us all laptops for the school year. I had never used the camera on it but one night in my friends and I were goofing around and decided to make videos on it. A week later, we went back through the camera roll to see what we shot. There were pictures of me sleeping. My laptop had been locked in my cupboard every night since we made videos.

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