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I used to live in a hostel (Room 307) that was supposedly haunted by a student who committed suicide back in the day. We had a security guard quit on day one after he allegedly saw her. My first month in the hostel, I heard noises outside my room. So I used the peephole to look outside. I saw a girl in a red dress and red heels with classic good looks walk on the corridor at 3 in the night. She didn’t notice me and just kept strolling. I was relieved that she didn’t acknowledge me at all until she stared back at me through the peephole, dead in the eyes and said: ‘knock knock’.


My hostel’s warden used to live with us with his family. One night, his 6-year old went to bed with a slight fever but passed away the next morning. After her funeral, my roommate and I decided to look after their pet cat. So we went to their house and my friend decided to look in their bedroom. She was going behind the curtains, when she felt something brushing her foot. She thought that the cat might be around and so she started calling her name. Which is when she felt like someone slapped her in the foot. She looked around and there was nothing. After half an hour of searching, we gave up and locked the room. When we told the warden about what happened, he went pale and sunk down to his knees crying. He told us that he used to play hide and seek with his daughter and she used to hide behind the curtains. Whenever he was close to her, she would grab his ankles, slap and pinch them.

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