Tattoo Artist And Customers Are Revealing Their Biggest “Oh Crap” Moments And WOW

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“Sure enough, within ten minutes, the client slumps over having fainted…and then proceeds to violently shit his pants.”

This week, a Reddit thread by user efergantes asked tattoo artists and customers to spill the tea on their biggest “oh shit” moment while tattooing or receiving a tattoo. And wouldn’t you know it, MANY people began sharing times when shit hit the fan.

Here are some of the biggest “whooooops” and gasp-worthy moments that tattoo artists and customers revealed:

“I went to my old roommate’s friend for a tattoo of jellyfish on my ribs. He drew it up. It looked great, but he drew it on graph paper and said it was just to help him with the dimensions. Okay, cool no problem. When he started, I thought this dude had mad allergies. He was sniffling so much, but nah. He had a wicked cocaine addiction, was on pills, and ended up tattooing the entire grid paper on my side. I sat for 6-7 hours straight because I didn’t want to ‘seem like a pussy.’ In the end, I had to get a 14-hour cover up done on it. I’ll never get my other rib tattooed.”



“A guy who didn’t speak English very well came in and asked for the word, ‘hovis’ on his arm. Confused, we repeatedly asked if he definitely wanted ‘hovis,’ like the bread? We wrote it out on paper, but he kept saying, ‘yes, yes.’ So my boss did it. The next day he comes in with his very angry brother who explained he wanted ‘ELVIS.'”


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